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Like a story about the people next door…

Alkis and Anna.

A married couple, absorbed in their everyday routine. Anna, settled for the scraps of love she receives from her husband, is focused on their daughter. Alkis is bored, and seeks adventures away from home. What happens though when their child opens its wings and flies away from the nest? There comes a time of risk. Will Anna dare to risk? Will she stay in a once but not anymore happy marriage or will she seek her happiness by choosing to do things that building a family had shoved to the background until then?

Elena Adam’s narrative writing doesn’t use much dialogue, but it is so rich in emotion, tension, and vivacious characters that it doesn’t tire the reader. Vivid images, wild landscapes, joy, anguish, fear, and love, alternate with each other all the time.

Old dreams come back to light. A girl that wanted to be a doctor and help people ended up being a neglected wife and a perfect mother. Are those enough? One easily discovers themselves, by leaving behind a life of riches and comfort to volunteer at a refugee camp.

And yet…

It was a matter of moments. As if she was ready, as if everything had led her there, unhurriedly, without pressure from external forces, like something that evolved naturally. She had a second chance to make some of her dreams come true. She couldn’t abstain again…

She transfers her everyday life to ugly, almost primitive, dangerous conditions, in a camp away from her home and even further away from the life she’d led so far. And there, after what feels like a lifetime, she finds the love of her youth again: restless Hector, who is the chief doctor at camp.

The dilemma is inevitable since pieces of her heart had always beat separately for these two men. On one side, Alkis: bored, seemingly tired with her and seeking a change, her husband, the father of her child. And on the other side Hector: passionate about his work, adventurous, living to help other people no matter the cost. Hector, in whose arms she once lay sharing the same dreams, whom she decided to let go in order for him to be as free as his spirit, and who now is more firm in his beliefs than ever.

A familiar pair of scales weighing…

The book goes further than that though. It talks about the always topical in our country issue of refugees. Those who are violently uprooted from their homelands, in search of a better future. Those who are forced to survive in the vilest conditions in order to be able to offer their children a smile, and a sliver of hope. The author describes real needs and hardships.


Slave trade.


Selfless offering.

Love without borders.

Light and contemplative at the same time, you’ll enjoy it like an iced coffee…

A few words about the book: Taking the huge decision to fundamentally change her life, Anna makes a move no one expected: not her distant husband with whom not much connects her anymore, not her daughter who now studies abroad, not her social circle – a move that took even her by surprise. She will leave the comforts of her rich home to practice medicine as a volunteer in a refugee camp.

Anna hasn’t worked as a doctor for almost two decades, so now she has to start from scratch and rediscover herself – and all this in ugly, almost primitive, dangerous conditions. But at this very camp she will come across her greatest love again: the untamed and passionate Hector. At the same time, a horrible event – the kidnap of a few children – will upset her everyday life and the entire camp.

A novel based on true events and real people, about love, selfless giving, and second chances.

Biography: Elena Adam (pen name) is a writer and a journalist. She is working as a reporter for domestic and foreign media. “Love without Borders” is her first novel.

Book Details:

Title:   Love without Borders

Author:   Elena Adam

Publisher:   Mamaya Publications

Language: Greek

ISBN:   978-618-5224-28-8

Pages: 320

Publication date:   06/06/2017

Website:   http://elena.adam.mamaya.gr

Translated by Zoye 

Image editing: Panagiota Goutzourela


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